Crossfit Himalaya are a mixed bunch – Sharon Adelle Greene

Sharon Adelle Greene

In January when I arrived in Delhi, I realized that my typical fitness routine of running and cycling outside would not be feasible. At the time, I was new to Crossfit. It was important to me to find a gym that would challenge me, both physically and mentally, and to have trainers who would focus on my form in order to avoid sustaining an injury. Crossfit Himalaya has exceeded those expectations.

The Box, as the gym is referred to by the coaches and members, has become my second home in Delhi. My first class with Head Coach, Piyush Pandey, was a brief, seven minute workout. Seven minutes. My heart was pounding uncontrollably at
45 seconds and I was pouring sweat before the second minute was up. By the 6:59 into the workout, I was hooked. Piyush used the initial workout to assess my cardio, strength, and flexibility. For each workout of the day or WOD, he knows
how to make adjustments based on my personal progress. For example, I can’t do 25 pullups, instead I use a large resistance band to assist with the pullup. As I become stronger, he decreases the amount of resistance so that I am challenged.

I joined the gym with no weight lifting background other than the occasional chest or should press. Each week we work on building strength. Coach Naveen Arya, is consistently reviewing the basics and making small adjustments to my form over
the course of the workout. His focus is on technique and form. In addition, Naveen emphasizes on stretching and yoga as a part of the WOD to ensure proper recovery and flexibility.

In addition to achieving my basic fitness expectations, Crossfit Himalaya has also become a support system. Piyush and Naveen post pictures to Facebook and as an expat living abroad, it is a nice way for my family to keep up with me. If I am
traveling for work and forget to inform the coaches that I will miss a workout, I have a text message asking if I am ok. Crossfit Himalaya has also organized outside activities including the Warrior Dash.

Finally, the members of Crossfit Himalaya are a mixed bunch; ranging in age, pursing different professions, and coming from neighbourhoods scattered across the city. Still we all recognize that we go to the gym to reach personal goals and
encourage and support one another to achieve the best times or push for a higher limit. The more intense a workout, the louder the support. I prefer the collegial atmosphere. If I am stalling to complete 100 consecutive pushups, not only will
Naveen and Piyush push me, but also knowing that everyone else in the Box is struggling to complete the same goal helps to push through and complete the WOD. High fives all around and a positive rush adrenaline is worth the early
morning challenge.

– Sharon

sharon                          Sharon Adelle Greene