“Bring Sally Up” Back Squat Challenge

Rich Froning’s “Bring Sally Up” Back Squat Challenge at CrossFit Himalaya
This Musical WOD reached maximum CrossFit boxes worldwide when three time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning Jr twitted. In this you have to perform Back squats on the beats of the Moby’s song “Bring Sally up” with 40/25kg (Rx – 135lbs) (Scaling option is available).
Last Sunday when I was writing WODs blogs for my athlete I had decided to try this workout with CFH participants. In this workout athletes need to do back squat on the beats of Moby’s song which is 3:25 with 31 squats (with short and long pauses). This morning everyone was quite excited to do this. They did some rehearsal cum warm up without music and on the count of 321GO…. Everyone started moving on the beats and completed Sally Challenge with great performance.
After 5 minutes of recovery they stared doing Musical Push ups on the same beats.
Overall review – everyone enjoyed the workout, no one wants to see back squats on the white board and everyone hates this song now.
– Piyush Pandey
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