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Nikita Zutshi 

This is my journey from Fat-to-fit from CrossFit.

 This is my journey from weight-loss mindset to lifestyle transformation.

I started CrossFit with an aim to do weight training, and become lean. But Crossfit is nothing like that. It’s a mix of gymnastics, weight-lifting, metabolical conditioning (cardio). The most amazing part – every day it’s a new workout, and you are never in your comfort zone. The workouts can be scaled basis on your fitness level. So anyone, and everyone can do CrossFit. The greatest part is the community that pushes you to achieve your goals, and becomes an integral part of your life. The most important lesson that I have learnt – it’s not about instant transformation, summer body or’s about how fit you are when you’re in 60’s, 70’ is a journey, not a destination. Thanks to my wonderful coaches & everyone at the Box who encouraged me.

Utkarsh Misra

Crossfit has changed my life and the way I train. My first taste of crossfit was when I saw an International cricketer doing funny pullups, later on I realized that they are called kipping pull ups. I still remember the first day I walked into Crossfit Himalaya and I thought I was damn fit coming from a gym background, but the myth was busted in 30 seconds when the coach gave me a 7 min simple workout of squats, pushups and really light Kettlebell swings and after the workout I was in a puddle of sweat, panting on the ground and I said to myself that I need to improve my fitness level.
The journey began and what an incredible journey it has been for the past 11 months. The things I thought I could never do were accomplished, for instance a handstand which seemed impossible for me was done and what a moment it was for me.There are numerous things which I have been able to conquer here from lifting and shifting heavy weights to doing gymnastic movements. All of this could not have been possible without the wonderful coaches and the incredible people in the box. Crossfit for me is a community and I  feel blessed to have such hardworking and motivating people around me. For all those who think they are fit they should try and give Crossfit a go and I am pretty certain they will have a reality check!
Thank you CFH


Franziska Sophie K

Crossfit changed my life – it is as simple as that.

About one year ago I relocated from Berlin to India for job reasons. I was anxious – not because I had to find a flat, start a new job in a new company, deal with a foreign culture and language, not because it basically meant building a new life – no, I was anxious because it meant leaving my Crossfit box in Berlin. Crossfit is more than fitness, nutrition, and a lifestyle – Crossfit is family. I have never been a couch potato lazying around all day but sport and fitness have always played a more or less important part in my life. However, Crossfit is different from all other things I have ever done before. Every day I entered through the gate of CrossfitWerk, I found myself surrounded by positive people who believed in me, more than I do myself, making me accept challenges, grow stronger and more confident every day. They are there when you fail, when you set goals and they are there when you smash those goals which seemed unreachable just some time ago. The beautiful thing is that what happens at the box doesn’t stay at the box. All the energy, courage and strength that is built there, you get to take home with you, or your job, or wherever you need it most.


I was scared of losing this never known support and positive energy. As it turned out that fear was unfounded. Instead of losing a family I became a member of an additional one. My journey to become a better version of myself which had started in Berlin continued seamlessly at Crossfit Himalaya in New Delhi which has become a home away from home. This might sound funny, but already in Germany i had the feeling that Crossfitters tend to be a very heterogeneous group of people with the common characteristic of being over-average awesome. This intuition was proven true in Delhi where I found a place packed with the most supportive, hardworking and inspiring people I should meet in India. Now I got three weeks left in this magical country and looking back at the past year, I can say that I have grown as an athlete and as a person. I have reached and accomplished things in and outside the box that I never thought were possible. And I am not the only one who noticed. Not many days pass when I don’t get to hear something like “Where do you get all the energy from?”, “How do you have the strength to just keep going without ever getting frustrated or discouraged?”, “How do you manage to look that fit and eat so much???” (this is my favorite :-D).

The answer is simple and I am sure that by now you can guess what it is!

Danke, dhanyavaad and thank you Crossfit Werk & Crossfit Himalaya

Franziska Sophie K
Franziska Sophie K

Parin Jain

So you think you’re fit? Try and do a Crossfit session! An easy myth we develop about ourselves is that if we look alright – our stomach isn’t popping out too much, we’re replacing coke with diet coke or eating a sandwich instead of pizza
we’re fit/healthy. This will be broken when you enter a Crossfit box. I still remember, my first day here, I was quite like a novice in an army camp. While everybody else looked super professional doing the prescribed WOD ( workout of the day) and talking in the Crossfit language, I was struggling to hold my ground. This motivated me, and I’m sure will motivate anybody else too. The whole idea of doing interesting exercises, learning new techniques and new dimensions is exciting. Things are different here, they don’t have fancy equipment and they don’t want you to run on a treadmill or use the dumbbells. Instead, they’ll give you a rope and ask you to skip. You will be surprised with the amount of things you can do with a skip rope, next they’ll give you a bar to do pull-ups or they’ll tell you to fall low and start with the pushups. Just last week, I did a headstand and a week before hit a personal record on deadlifts. It’s amazing how you learn new things. There hasn’t been a single boring day at the box! 
You will know what I’m saying if you’ve been here before. The coaches are great, easy going and friendly.
The environment is electric with everybody trying to level up and improve on their performance. People are actually serious about their fitness and it doesn’t matter if you’re new or old, if you’re doing anything wrong, you will be corrected. Some of the exercises are done in groups, this sort of pitches you right against each other, and you compete on better timing/ better postures – ultimately improving on your workouts and getting better at things. I enjoy it completely and it’s sort of an addiction now. Personally, I’ve reached a few goals of cutting down flab, improving stamina and becoming stronger, but there’s still a lot to be achieved. Maybe, when you visit, you’ll see me slogging it
out at the box, stop by and say hello. 
Parin Jain
Parin Jain


Harsheel Ghotra 

Having heard about Crossfit from friends and on seeing intimidating videos online, I joined Crossfit Himalaya with a predominant thought that I will leave it after three months.   I enrolled, took the crazy decision to travel for an hour, just to reach the place and travel back again. This travel is always followed after seven to nine hours of intense postgraduate classes. As I leave from college – tired, exhausted and try to find a seat in the overcrowded metro – annoyed, irritated, angry, while trying to read – study and make notes at the same time; I should be honest, the thought of leaving Crossfit occurs time and again. Why travel so much just for an hour of work out? Why go through all this chaos, when I could be sitting in the lawn with my friends and relaxing after a long day, when I could be going out and eating yummy food or go shopping like the rest of my friends or study peacefully. All rational arguments, but they fail as I know that it is this one hour where I live and not think about living.

My reason for joining Crossfit was my genetic disposition to PCOD (Polycystic Ovaries) and I must say it is one bitch of a disease, messing up the metabolic as well as the hormonal system. I have gained 7 kg in less than two months despite swimming 80 – 100 lengths 5 days a week. I usually think a lot before making a decision, but for this, I simply called without a second thought, spoke to a friendly person at the other end and showed up for a trial class the next day. After the class, I had mind numbing cramps in 13 different regions of my body; I still remember this because it was way too painful. But with time, pain faded away and with time one slowly begins to see what Crossfit really is about and with time you’ll find it extremely difficult to make up reasons for not going. It is not about the shape of your body, it is not about what is popularly considered beautiful, it is not about dieting or counting calories and it is definitely not about giving up. It is not about what your body looks like, but how it feels. Not about posing in front of the mirror but about what your body can do. It is about challenging yourself, testing your potential, finishing a workout that makes you feel you are not cut out for this, working on your weaknesses rather than hiding them. Once you join and if you can somehow stay long enough to get the rhythm of the workouts, you’ll end up discovering more and more reasons to stay.

I personally am in love with the place, with the people who come from different walks of life but are somehow sharing with each other a common motive in life. All age groups, enough variety of people working out together, struggling, in pain, tired, sweating just like you and despite that, as they try to catch their breath in the middle of a workout and say, ‘come on, keep going’; such moments are the best part of my day. And of course, there are the four coaches. I have had a fair set of coaches before, those concerned only about money and not the beauty of the sport, those that are hypocritical in their approach. But these four are without a doubt the best, each with their distinct way of making you challenge yourself, each with their enigmatic persona that is shown every time you see them workout – the focus that they have, the drive, the raw passion, the hard work…truly inspiring… they are simply amazing! Yes, they are hard task masters who will make you push yourself, screaming your name as you try to give up, making killer workouts every day but they also care, counting reps for you when you are too tired to do so yourself, clapping for you every time you have finished a crazy workout, cheering you as you fall flat on the mat and most significantly knowing each person’s strength and weaknesses, guiding you every step of the way, laughing with you, talking to you not only about workout but about your life as well, encouraging you.

Crossfit Himalaya is a community that is not dogmatic in its approach; it dares to think for itself and question what is largely followed and accepted. In the mechanistic times that we survive in, becoming more and more distant from our own bodies, ask your selves this one question, is there a point in your day when you live and not think about living? If you have no clue as to what I am talking about, join the BOX – get fit, become motivated and stay inspired.

Harsheel Ghotra
Harsheel Ghotra

Rohit Kapur

Let me give you a little background about myself. I have been a FAT boy ever since I can remember. It took it’s toll on me in various speheres at various times. But somehow I managed to lose all that junk.But I was not satisfied, as i knew it was just momentary and with time, I would be fat again.

Fitness till then just meant being slim.

Following the persuasion of a close friend (Who is also a fellow CrossFITter), I joined CFH with the aim to change all that had plagued me before. And fortunately, the going has been just splendid.

This thing is not your regular GYM workout. This is raw, undisguised, sweaty and intense, which basically is the USP. I can vouch that this is the most amazing way to change your fitness and abilites coz this ain’t boring and regular.

I have seen changes in stamina, strength, flexibility and ofcourse weight(lost 12 kgs!!!). The coaches (Mr. Pandey and Naveen) assure that you achieve your goals the right way. Nobody is ever out of their sight and they pay no heed to bad form, which makes them very fine trainers and it becomes a pleasure training under them. Their way of planning the WODs is very technical and the fact that they themselves do it alongside us makes it energetic.

With just 4 four months in the box, I feel fitter than I ever was and I hope to follow the CrossFIT way of life in the time to come.

I personally thank the coaches for their supreme guidance. It made me believe that I can do it, and hopefully I will complete my currently partial transition from a lazy fat boy to a fitness freak(let’s read enthusiast :))

– Rohit

Rohit Kapur
Rohit Kapur

Sharon Adelle Greene

In January when I arrived in Delhi, I realized that my typical fitness routine of running and cycling outside would not be feasible. At the time, I was new to Crossfit. It was important to me to find a gym that would challenge me, both physically and mentally, and to have trainers who would focus on my form in order to avoid sustaining an injury. Crossfit Himalaya has exceeded those expectations.

The Box, as the gym is referred to by the coaches and members, has become my second home in Delhi. My first class with Head Coach, Piyush Pandey, was a brief, seven minute workout. Seven minutes. My heart was pounding uncontrollably at
45 seconds and I was pouring sweat before the second minute was up. By the 6:59 into the workout, I was hooked. Piyush used the initial workout to assess my cardio, strength, and flexibility. For each workout of the day or WOD, he knows
how to make adjustments based on my personal progress. For example, I can’t do 25 pullups, instead I use a large resistance band to assist with the pullup. As I become stronger, he decreases the amount of resistance so that I am challenged.

I joined the gym with no weight lifting background other than the occasional chest or should press. Each week we work on building strength. Coach Naveen Arya, is consistently reviewing the basics and making small adjustments to my form over
the course of the workout. His focus is on technique and form. In addition, Naveen emphasizes on stretching and yoga as a part of the WOD to ensure proper recovery and flexibility.

In addition to achieving my basic fitness expectations, Crossfit Himalaya has also become a support system. Piyush and Naveen post pictures to Facebook and as an expat living abroad, it is a nice way for my family to keep up with me. If I am
traveling for work and forget to inform the coaches that I will miss a workout, I have a text message asking if I am ok. Crossfit Himalaya has also organized outside activities including the Warrior Dash.

Finally, the members of Crossfit Himalaya are a mixed bunch; ranging in age, pursing different professions, and coming from neighbourhoods scattered across the city. Still we all recognize that we go to the gym to reach personal goals and
encourage and support one another to achieve the best times or push for a higher limit. The more intense a workout, the louder the support. I prefer the collegial atmosphere. If I am stalling to complete 100 consecutive pushups, not only will
Naveen and Piyush push me, but also knowing that everyone else in the Box is struggling to complete the same goal helps to push through and complete the WOD. High fives all around and a positive rush adrenaline is worth the early
morning challenge.

– Sharon

sharon                          Sharon Adelle Greene


Natalie Hart

Before I started CrossFit I had two main concerns – I didn’t think I was fit enough to survive a single CrossFit workout and I thought everyone would be intimidating super athletes. Luckily the reality was very different! The workouts are intense and challenging, but the coaches scale the workouts to suit your level of fitness, they help you work on your technique and strength, and encourage you every step of the way.  The workouts give results fast and every day I feel fitter, stronger and more confident than the day before. The sense of community at CFH is also great – perhaps it’s the result of so much shared pain, sweat and success! There is a mix of people and levels of fitness, but everyone is working towards the same goals of getting fit and having fun. Thanks to Piyush, Naveen and the rest of the CF Himalaya team for starting me off on the CrossFit journey. And remember, however much it hurts, just smile through it!

–     Nat



Alice Dieudonne

“Cross Fit Himalya has helped me get from 107 Kgs to 89 Kgs in less than a year. It truly is one of the great health and fitness resources. With some of the professional trainers who explain us the right way of exercising. The kind of regular workouts that helps us to gain more energy and get on with it. The zest that keep us ongoing is amazing! I guess that due to my weight, I was starting to suffocate too much from inside. I personally developed confidence in myself, I can now do things I had to stop doing a long time ago.  The proper way to eat and helps you in choosing what exercise plan is right for you.

I thank CrossFit Himalya for helping me become who I am today I feel re-energized”

–    Alice Dieudonne

Alice Dieudonne
Alice Dieudonne


Dave Swayne 

In a recent trip to India, I checked the web for a Crossfit box, and Crossfit Himalaya popped out. I was barely into crossfit at the time: I had my boot camp in March and this was only mid-April. Nonetheless, I was made very welcome by Piyush Pandey and Adhish Chhabra, and others, . so much so that I attended three times in the week I was there. There was an air of purpose and a camaraderie that all Crossfit boxes share, and I continue to correspond via Facebook with the group. Please continue to excite and inspire current and former crossfitters who have appreciated your hospitality…

–    Dave Swayne 

Dave Swayne
Dave Swayne

Sanjoy Narayan 

I have been training in Piyush’s cross-fit programmes for over 6 months and the results are dramatic. In ultra short sessions, you end up doing intensive cardio and strength exercises that have almost immediate effect on your fitness levels and physique.

–    Sanjoy Narayan

Sanjoy Narayan
Sanjoy Narayan

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