Devil Slayer Himalayans

By Ankur Kale

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As a dear friend said once, “things we pay money for!”  We at Crossfit Himalaya are always looking for opportunities to push the envelope ahead, to be better at what we do best. Not just live but Thrive!

Devil’s Circuit was a similar opportunity.  Be it the blood curdling Chipper WODs or the nightmarish Filthy 50s, we never shied away to take up the challenges. It was time to benchmark fellow Himalayans if they were really ready for what it takes.

Preparation started about a month ago when Workouts of day (WODs as we normally call them), started becoming more inclined on working on our endurance levels and improvement of overall core musculature. To the extent, when we were not training, our active rest was 5 kilometer runs for time.

After our respective bib numbers collection and some post WOD crawling, obstacle tackle sessions everyone was quiet focused. We were all so convinced that we ARE ready.

Day Zero. Greater Noida. We reach the venue well ahead the time. It looked like a well planned setup except the relatively longer time some of our folks faced in collecting their bib number at the venue. Up first was the wave of the competitive runners for the event. So went Pranab and Navreet. Most of the crowd was pretty jacked up and excited. But there were few like me too, calculating our efforts and trying to take a sneak peak on the obstacles.

First wave left, and we saw them vanishing in a cloud of dirt.  After 30 minutes, first runner came in the finish line. Freaking 30 minutes including all 15 obstacles and 5 Kms of uneven terrain. He looked like a demigod to me. But we were waiting anxiously for Pranab and Navreet. First came Pranab, he was eclectic but was shaking after all the effort at the same time. Shortly after came Navreet. We took few pictures and started assembling at the start line.

And now was the time for the open category. The course itself was uneven, and we all knew this fact going into the race. The start was uniquely fast, as everyone challenged each other for ideal positioning on the narrow course prior to reaching the first obstacle. Although obstacles were short but they affected the overall pace of runners in terms of their skills to manage them. Obstacles included a short section of monkey bars, numerous low crawls, several short walls, sandbag carries, a series of hurdles and small climbs.

As we crawled through last of the obstacles many were already sipping on frothy bears and making merry.  As we finished we received the golden article we all ran, fall, climbed and crawled for, our medals of completion. Devil’s Circuit was a great experience and an even better stepping stone for runners looking to get a taste of the world of obstacle racing. As Himalayans we were happy to spend another day sweating it like a pig to earn our right to sip on our beers!

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