iHimalayan The Fitness Podcast

iHimalayan The Fitness Podcast

Episode 1 


Shivali Sharma a very known name of Fitness Industry in India in modern time.

Shivali worked for India’s first and only reputed fitness brand Fitness First for almost a decade in senior management. She entered the fitness industry in 2008 with passion, she worked for Fitness First in and out made it super successful.

Shivali has earned great respect and she has been mentor for many well-known trainers and fitness support staff.

Shivali holds Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Delhi. She has done lots of certification to understand fitness closely so she can provide best service to her cliental.

Now She lives in Mumbai and she is working on new project EASEYHUMAN, Easyhuman has two centers in Mumbai along with one Nutritional food’s café. https://easyhuman.com/

In this episode of iHimalayan Fitness Podcast Shivali talks about her journey from a fitness enthusiast to one leading fitness professional in India.

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